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Sell Your Truck

Firetec Always Has Fire Departments Waiting To Buy Fire Trucks. We keep an extensive "Buyer's Want List" and can often match your truck with a buyer very quickly.

Firetec does not own any fire trucks. Selling fire trucks for the departments we represent is our first, and only, priority.

Free Advertising. We'll get the word out for you. Fire chiefs, firefighters, and EMTs have more important things to do!

Testimonial From:
Ed Kengersky, Chief
Friendship Hose Co. #1
Falls Creek, PA

In Harrisburg 2007: We tried to sell it on our own and had absolutely no luck, set it up throught Firetec and sold it quickly with no problems! More





Are you ready to buy or sell a used fire truck?

Be sure to contact us for

  • a fair market evaluation before you sell your used fire truck.

  • to be on our "want list" for the truck you are looking to buy.

800-FIRETEC (347-3832)

Your used fire truck broker since 1983


There is only one full time used apparatus broker in America:

FiretecĀ® Used Apparatus Sales.

Firetec sells used fire trucks directly from department to department.

Before you consider using a Secondary Broker, consider whether your truck will get the attention it deserves. A secondary broker is any company whose main mission is to: a) sell their own apparatus b) sell new apparatus for a manufacturer c) deal in loose equipment d) an individual with a passion for trucks, but no real business model. In any of these cases, selling your truck is simply not top priority.

Selling your used fire truck is our full time job. It's all we do. Firetec has sold tens of thousands of fire engines, tankers, rescues, aerials and ambulances FOR YOU in the last 30 years. We are fully committed to selling your YOUR apparatus. And, we'll get fair market value for your used fire truck, to boot!

Firetec created the First and Only Used Fire Apparatus Mobile APP!
Waiting Buyers now receive instant alerts when a new apparatus is listed: