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1991 E-One Pumper 1250 Hale pump 750 poly tank Enclosed/heated pump panel Cummins turbo diesel Automatic 30,000 miles Asking $22,000 See more on PE-11933: - Jun 26 2017 04:39pm Comments

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Excellent, compact rescue unit Walk in HURST included! lots of storage!

1988 International Saulsbury
Asking $ 38,000
RS-11932 Details

Clean pumper with enclosed/heated pump controls! 1250 gpm/ 750 tank

1991 E-One
Asking $ 22,000
PE-11933 Details

RESCUE w/ pump! low miles generator, light tower

1996 Freightliner
Asking $ 50,000
RS-11934 Details

75' Cyclone II Aerial w/5" waterway

1998 E-One
Asking $ 100,000
LP-11931 Details

3000 Gallon Tanker/ Tender: Pump & Roll Available September Claim it now!

1990 Ford Toyne
Asking $ 59,000
TK-11924 Details

1500 gpm pump on this 1992 pumper.

1992 Simon Duplex Boardman
Asking $ 20,000
PE-11928 Details

June 26, 2017

This Hahn is in excellent shape - was refurbished about 10 years ago. 1500 gpm & 1000 gal tank.

1988 Hahn
Asking $ 17,000
PE-11929 Details

Nice walk-in rescue/support unit

1993 Ford Marion
Asking $ 19,000
RS-11926 Details

2010 Horton Ambulance

2010 Chevrolet Horton
Asking $ 45,950
AM-11927 Details

100' Platform Quint

1998 Pierce
Asking $ 190,000
LP-11923 Details

1250 gpm, 1000 poly tank. Compact at 9' high and 26'8" long.

1996 HME 4 Guys
Asking $ 39,000
PE-11919 Details

2006 E-One Pumper! Current pump certification

2006 E-One
Asking $ 74,000
PE-11905 Details

This ambulance has been used by the FD as a rescue

1995 International
Asking $ 8,500
RS-11914 Details

Walk-Around Rescue: Tons of storage PLUS pump & foam

1996 International Saulsbury
Asking $ 49,900
RS-11915 Details

This is perfect for the rural FD which has members able to drive a manual transmission! This pumper is LOADED!!! 1000 gallon poly tank- direct tank fill rear. Current pump test.

1991 International E-One
Asking $ 25,000
PE-11916 Details

June 26, 2017

Excellent, like new! VERY CLEAN. It's very unusual to see a 2015 on the market: There is nothing wrong with the truck- call The Fire Truck Ladies for the scoop on this rare deal!

2015 International E-One
Asking $ 264,000
PE-11917 Details

Excellent 1500 gpm/ 1000 gallon Current pump test

1997 Freightliner 3D
Asking $ 64,000
PE-11906 Details

1500 gpm/ 1000 tank

1988 Sutphen
Asking $ 8,000
PE-11853 Details

1250/1000; Robwen Foam, (4) SCBA packs

1991 Simon Duplex KME
Asking $ 25,000
PE-11913 Details

2000 gallon poly tank and 1200 gpm Hale pump on this excellent Top Kick! Available Oct 2017 may inspect and put under deposit now

1989 GMC American Eagle
Asking $ 35,000
TK-11910 Details

4x4 Walk-around heavy rescue with under 23,000 miles.

1993 International LDI
Asking $ 35,000
RS-11911 Details

PRICE REDUCED: Excellent 105' Straight Stick Current aerial certification *note: has waterway but no pump

1989 Pierce
Asking $ 29,000
LT-11902 Details

Selling by bid on June 27th. $18,900 is the MINIMUM.

1992 Seagrave
Asking $ 18,900
PE-11903 Details

Walk-in rescue w/cascade.

1987 Chevrolet Hackney & Sons
Asking $ 19,000
RS-11889 Details

June 26, 2017

Tons of storage on this 1999 Int'l/Smeal. Under 30' long. REDUCED by $15,000!

1999 International Smeal
Asking $ 60,000
PE-11887 Details

Very low miles on this Ambulance! 4x4

2005 Ford Lifeline
Asking $ 38,000
AM-11879 Details

A very useful unit to have at-the-ready! 2200 gallon tender w/ pump & roll!

1982 GMC Newton
Asking $ 8,000
TK-11877 Details

Supthen Tower - 90' mid-mount - EXCELLENT condition MUST SELL MAKE OFFER - REDUCED

1989 Sutphen
Asking $ 25,000
LP-11868 Details

Newly Reduced Price on this 1998 Pierce Engine w/ some HURST!

1998 Pierce
Asking $ 24,900
PE-11866 Details

Tower Truck: 102' MUST SELL - new apparatus coming!

1997 KME
Asking $ 195,000
LP-11860 Details

Late Model Rescue-Pumper!

2014 HME Toyne
Asking $ 400,000
PE-11836 Details

1000/750. 9'5" high and 29'5" long

1991 Spartan Boardman
Asking $ 15,000
PE-11800 Details

REDUCED - MUST SELL Includes the Ferno Cot! 7.3 engine

1996 Ford Wheeled Coach
Asking $ 10,000
AM-11820 Details

June 26, 2017

Nice walk-around heavy rescue that seats 5 in the cab - 4 w/scba.

1988 International Saulsbury
Asking $ 15,000
RS-11789 Details

2001 Central States Pumper with 1250 gpm Waterous & 1000 gal Poly tank Very low miles. FITS IN 10' DOOR!

2001 International Central States
Asking $ 40,000
PE-11779 Details

Sutphen 100' PLATFORM! Seats 7 in enclosed cab.

1990 Sutphen
Asking $ 40,000
LP-11770 Details

2009 REFURB 1993 Seagrave 100' Aerial BIG PRICE DROP!

1993 Seagrave
Asking $ 65,000
LP-11736 Details

2002 Pierce rescue pumper - Ready to go now! Excellent condition! NO rust.

2002 Pierce
Asking $ 130,000
PE-11740 Details

Apparatus Wanted

Used Mini Pumpers, Wildland, Brush Units Wanted:

Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit Wanted: tank size:200+ Gallons, pump size: 200+ GPM, Budget: 25,000 4x4 Brush truck. Prefer crew cab and prefer safety green! (WL-61757)

Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit Wanted: Budget: 35,000 4x4 F-550 or similar. 2 door preferred can go 4. (WL-26816)

Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit Wanted: Budget: 50,000 4x4 double cab or extended cab (WL-62288)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Miscellaneous Wanted:

Miscellaneous Wanted: 2002 or newer SUV/ Chief s car for rescue (WL-59915)

Touch/Click here if you have a Miscellaneous to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Pumping Engines Wanted:

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: tank size:1000+ Gallons, Budget: 100,000 1250 tank even better. Short wheel base. (2 door commercial). Rear dump a bonus as they do a lot of wildland work too (WL-37790)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 2013 or newer (WL-22960)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 2000 or newer, tank size:500+ Gallons, Budget: 250,000 CAFS required. Prefer larger than 500 tank but will take 500. (WL-49802)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 2000 or newer, tank size:500+ Gallons, pump size: 1500+ GPM, Budget: 100,000 RESCUE PUMPER (WL-25230)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 1992 or newer, tank size:1500+ Gallons, pump size: 300+ GPM, Budget: 50,000 Pump & Roll, 1500-2000 tank. 300-500 gpm. (WL-35855)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Pumping Engine to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Rescues Wanted:

Used Rescue Wanted: Budget: 20000 (WL-2740)

Used Rescue Wanted: 2000 or newer 2-man commercial is fine, medium rescue , walk-in with seating for 3-4 with scba in box (WL-58557)

Used Rescue Wanted small rescue/chiefs - ultimate would be extended cab pick-up with small box or cap on the back (WL-11761)

Used Rescue Wanted: Budget: 40000 4x4, 4-door small rescue (WL-7506)

Used Rescue Wanted: 2012 or newer 4x4 rescue style body - 5 man cab. NY buyer. (WL-62279)

Used Rescue Wanted suv/small rescue to use for first response/medical-- prefer it be in NY or close. (WL-2973)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Rescue to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Tankers Wanted:

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:3000+ Gallons, Budget: 50000 3000 gallon tandem (WL-36772)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:1500+ Gallons, pump size: 500+ GPM, Budget: 70,000 1500-3000 tank. SS or Plastic tank. Yellow is great. 1-2 dumps. Must have good size engine- hilly terrain. must be automatic. (WL-31741)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:2500+ Gallons, Budget: 40,000 rear dump. (WL-27953)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:2000+ Gallons 2000-2500 gal tank no larger. Pump great but not required. (WL-36401)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:1500+ Gallons, Budget: 30,000 1500-1800 stainless tank (WL-52743)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:2000+ Gallons, Budget: 50,000 pump okay but not required. (WL-59915)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Tanker to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

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