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1992 Spartan/ RD Murray Pumper Detroit turbo diesel 1500 gpm Hale pump 500 gal poly tank Foam 6kw generator On-spot chains 20,562 miles and 2,636 engine hours Asking $25,000 See more on PE-12076: - Dec 13 2017 04:39pm Comments

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2500 gallon tank! 10" DUMP 350 gpm PTO

2015 Freightliner
Asking $ 129,900
TK-12074 Details

Nice custom pumper with plenty of storage.

1992 Spartan RD Murray
Asking $ 25,000
PE-12076 Details

2008 with low miles - new engine two years ago.

2008 Ford Medtec
Asking $ 20,000
AM-12075 Details

4x4 tanker with 2500 gallons and PTO pump.

2007 Freightliner
Asking $ 89,900
TK-12072 Details

4x4 rescue on F-550 chassis.

2006 Ford
Asking $ 49,000
RS-12073 Details

1500 gpm on this Pierce Lance.

1992 Pierce
Asking $ 15,000
PE-12070 Details

December 13, 2017

75' QUINT!

1996 Spartan Smeal
Asking $ 65,000
LP-12068 Details

1994 E-One Hush with 1500 gpm.

1994 E-One
Asking $ 27,500
PE-12066 Details

2003 75' Aerial w/waterway. Only $75,000!

2003 E-One
Asking $ 75,000
LP-12064 Details

2005 Pierce Dash 100' Platform! Why spend over a million on a new one when this one is ready to go?

2005 Pierce
Asking $ 400,000
LP-12060 Details

E-One engine currently in service, available early 2018 Contact The Fire Truck Ladies to claim it! 800-347-3832

1990 E-One
Asking $ 25,000
PE-12062 Details

1250 poly tank and 1250 gpm on this pumper tanker with low miles.

1990 Volvo Autocar Saulsbury
Asking $ 30,000
PE-12063 Details

4x4 Saulsbury Mini-Pumper 750 GPM! engine is 7.3

1991 Ford Saulsbury
Asking $ 21,000
MP-12058 Details

1250 poly tank and 1250 Hale pump. Can't be beat at $11,000!

1986 Spartan
Asking $ 11,000
PE-12056 Details

You're not seeing double! Yes, there are TWO 2007 Rescue-Pumpers! Make an offer on two for an especially sweet deal!

2007 E-One
Asking $ 199,000
PE-12052 Details

December 13, 2017

JUST REDUCED Dec 12 - 1999 Refurb 1000 gal Poly tank Current Pump Test!

1986 Pierce
Asking $ 19,000
PE-12044 Details

Light Tower on this rescue w/partial walk-in.

1997 Ford
Asking $ 25,000
RS-12045 Details

2003 Pumper with 1000 gallon tank Fits in 10' door! Only 9'11 OAH REDUCED BY $20k - Make a deal!

2003 HME Smeal
Asking $ 55,000
PE-12041 Details

MAKE AN OFFER generator, scene lights, deck gun.....more!

1997 Ferrara
Asking $ 35,000
PE-11834 Details

Excellent VFD-Owned Pumper! 1250/ 1000 Poly Low miles. Ready to go!

1999 Freightliner E-One
Asking $ 49,000
PE-12033 Details

All Wheel Drive with heavy duty front axle. JUST REDUCED!

1990 Autocar FMC
Asking $ 17,000
PE-12023 Details

1800 Gallon Tanker! diesel, auto

1999 Chevrolet Monroe
Asking $ 44,900
TK-11996 Details


2001 Ford Medtec
Asking $ 20,000
AM-11993 Details

TANKER - PUMPER! 2000 gallon tank Overall length 33'10" 1500 gpm Hale!

1989 Spartan FMC
Asking $ 22,500
TK-11961 Details

December 13, 2017

REDUCED! 100' Platform Quint Current Aerial Certification & ground ladders recently passed inspection.

1998 Pierce
Asking $ 109,000
LP-11923 Details

55' Redi-Tower on a pumper with 1750 gpm and 1250 water! Seller is Motivated!!!

1989 Spartan Quality
Asking $ 29,995
LP-11794 Details

Apparatus Wanted

2005 or newer, tank size:2000+ Gallons, pump size: 500+ GPM, Budget: 125000 (WL-41552)

tank size:1000+ Gallons, Budget: 30,000 4-door commercial (WL-55041)

Used Aerials Wanted:

Used Aerial Wanted: 1999 or newer, tank size:400+ Gallons, pump size: 1500+ GPM, Aerial Length: 65-85 Squrt, Snozzle or other type of articulating water tower. Single axle. (WL-14763)

Used Aerial Wanted: tank size:200+ Gallons, Budget: 150,000 First platform for a Minnesota FD. 100 platform. Must be below 12 to fit in station door. (WL-42110)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Aerial to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Mini Pumpers, Wildland, Brush Units Wanted:

Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit Wanted: tank size:300+ Gallons, pump size: 500+ GPM, Budget: 100,000 Small 4x4 mini pumper (WL-15600)

Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit Wanted: Budget: 25,000 4x4 mini pumper, F-450 or 550. Manual may be okay for this FD. Or a Dodge. (WL-59879)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Mini Pumper, Wildland, Brush Unit to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Pumping Engines Wanted:

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: tank size:1500+ Gallons, pump size: 1000+ GPM, Budget: 35,000 Commercial cab (WL-31631)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 1996 or newer, Budget: 45,000 6-8 man cab. Prefer E-One custom (WL-29014)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: Budget: 60,000 Must be under 30 (WL-46496)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Pumping Engine to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Rescues Wanted:

Used Rescue Wanted: Budget: 100,000 Prefer 4x4, 2-door commercial cab. Walk-in or Walk-around (WL-17824)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Rescue to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Tankers Wanted:

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:1500+ Gallons, Budget: 40,000 Commercial cab 1000/1500+ (WL-4687)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:2000+ Gallons, pump size: 250+ GPM, Budget: 75,000 Single axle tanker. (WL-18411)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Tanker to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

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