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August 28, 2014Subscribe!

Deadline for next Hot Sheet: Tuesday, September 2

Remember: Firetec owns no apparatus, so our only job is to sell yours. Fair deals for everyone. Direct, department-to-department sales.

"We love working with you girls! THANK YOU, Barb and Jen! " - Chief Mike Arsenault, Turner, Maine. CONGRATULATIONS to Turner FD of Maine on the purchase of this excellent and hard to come by 2002 International 2000 gallon tanker. Many thanks to Commodore VFD of Pennsylvania for a fantastic deal with great communication. AND, many thanks for taking the boys from Maine out to dinner! Pictured: John Arsenault, Turner. Mark Riva, Commodore. Chief Ted Hutchinson, Commodore. Chief Mike Arsenault, Turner. Jim Hopkins, Commodore. Cody Mumau, Commodore - Aug 28 2014 12:26pm Comments

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KME with 5-man enclosed cab, 1000 gal tank. Overall length: 29'1" Purchase includes deck gun, ladders, hard suction, generator!

1991 Simon Duplex KME
Asking $ 40,000

PE-11014 Details


2006 GMC Pierce
Asking $ 139,000

MP-11015 Details

2009 Spartan Smeal
Asking $ 229,000

PE-11017 Details

SVI Rescue!

1992 Simon Duplex SVI
Asking $ 35,000

RS-11007 Details

118' Articulating Platform!

2002 E-One Cyclone II
Asking $ 200,000

LP-11009 Details

Walk-In rescue w/cascade system.

1987 Mack Swab
Asking $ 20,000

RS-11010 Details

August 28, 2014

Nice Seagrave with 2003 Refurb - new body, rebuilt pump, rebuilt engine. 1250 tank and foam!

1991 Seagrave
Asking $ 49,000

PE-11011 Details

Go right into DEEP WATER with this 5 TON 6x6. 16 rescuee capacity. Submersible to depth of 8 feet of water! Rescue raft included in sale!

1989 American General
Asking $ 40,000

RS-11012 Details

4x4 with winch!

1989 GMC E-One
Asking $ 18,000

PE-11006 Details

Great GMC tanker with large, 1350 gallon tank, yet only 21' 7" long! 450 PTO pump. Just in- selling for best offer!

1986 GMC
Asking $ 18,000

TK-11005 Details

2000 gallon 4x6 tanker with pump & roll. Two portable tanks included in the sale.

1981 International
Asking $ 15,000

TK-11001 Details

2000 International Crew Cab with SVI rescue body. Generator, low miles.

2000 International SVI
Asking $ 75,000

RS-11000 Details

95' Platform. Asking $79,000

1992 E-One
Asking $ 79,000

LP-10996 Details

More photos coming by THURSDAY. Call to be on wait list for photos: 800-347-3832 Nice Heavy Rescue with AMKUS TOOLS and PTO pump!

1997 Freightliner SVI
Asking $ 125,000

RS-10998 Details

High sides on both sides of this excellent 1250 gpm pumper with 1000 poly tank.

2002 GMC
Asking $ 79,900

PE-10985 Details

August 28, 2014

2008 International with 2000 gallon tank coming soon! *photo likeness - currently being built *

2008 International
Asking $ 92,500

TK-10986 Details

Outstanding heavy rescue with lots of features. This is a beauty! Well worth a look before you think about ordering new.

2003 Pierce
Asking $ 300,000

RS-10982 Details

2001 Pumping Engine with 1000 gal Poly tank, Akron foam, and low miles!

2001 HME Ferrara
Asking $ 90,000

PE-10969 Details

1250 gallon Tank on this GMC Topkick! REDUCED!

1993 GMC E-One
Asking $ 35,000

PE-10956 Details

The pumper to fit your budget. Poly tank, topmount pump. REDUCED August 27!

1993 Simon Duplex RD Murray
Asking $ 27,500

PE-10959 Details

2008 Rescue pumper REDUCED! Call to arrange inspection: 800-347-3832

2008 Spartan Crimson
Asking $ 189,000

PE-10942 Details

Lots of people talking about it but first money buys it!

1997 Freightliner American Fire & Rescue
Asking $ 50,000

RS-10916 Details

REDUCED August 25: Now asking $60,000. The fire department is out of space so it's a good time to make a deal on this rescue unit with generator, Insta-chains, cascade!

1994 International E-One
Asking $ 60,000

RS-10915 Details

Fire Districts are combining and this is no longer needed. NEGOTIABLE! Call 800-347-3832

1996 Spartan Luverne
Asking $ 60,000

PE-10891 Details

August 28, 2014

1250 gpm, 1000 tank. High side compartments, deck gun, generator! Open to offers!

1992 Pierce
Asking $ 33,000

PE-10881 Details

Overall length: 29' and a 1000 gallon Poly tank. Perfect! Very low miles.

1996 Ford E-One
Asking $ 70,000

PE-10865 Details

Current pump test (Aug 2014) Poly tank. REDUCED for fast sale!

1990 Pemfab
Asking $ 15,000

PE-10819 Details

75' QUINT: Price REDUCED August 27!

1993 Pierce
Asking $ 30,000

LP-10797 Details

REDUCED! 4x4 Chevrolet Rescue with 5,000 winch.

1991 Chevrolet
Asking $ 15,000

RS-10730 Details

Just reduced by $10,000! Now asking $55,000 Fire department must sell. Current pump test, ready to go! May be negotiable- call! 800-347-3832

1993 Pierce
Asking $ 55,000

PE-10725 Details 1-800-347-3832 About us