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October 24, 2014Subscribe!

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Price cut in half! Must sell! 1982 American LaFrance Water Chief. low miles, 1500 gp, 300 tank. NOW $7,500 - Oct 24 2014 11:21am Comments

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A RARE Find! ! 3,000 gallon stainless steel tank and this apparatus has only 10,892 miles!

1992 International 4 Guys
Asking $ 59,900

TK-11066 Details

75' Aerial - used as a ladder/rescue - lots of compartments!

1987 Pierce
Asking $ 30,000

LP-11065 Details

1000/1000 top mount w/ low miles and a poly tank.

1989 International Middlesex
Asking $ 20,000

PE-11064 Details

This is 4x4: Department uses this as a light rescue but everything except stretcher & mounts are there from when it was an ambulance. Could be used that way again.

1996 PL Custom
Asking $ 10,000

RS-11062 Details

2011 refurb on this unit! Click for details! Excellent condition and current pump certification.

1988 American LaFrance
Asking $ 29,900

PE-11063 Details

Foam, roll-up doors, hyd ladder rack, radial tires, and fits in 10' fire station doors! This pumping engine has a current pump certification.

1999 International Luverne
Asking $ 69,900

PE-11061 Details

October 24, 2014

This rescue is turnkey! Loaded! Currently in service and available for sale! VERY low miles.

2005 GMC E-One
Asking $ 99,000

RS-11057 Details

With an overall height of just 9'7", this RD Murray carries 10 FF with 9 SCBA seats, features a 1500 gpm pump and 750 gal tank, deck gun, generator, more!

1992 Simon Duplex RD Murray
Asking $ 47,000

PE-11034 Details

Less than 6,000 miles on this 2000 KME! Really!

2000 KME
Asking $ 135,000

PE-11050 Details

Sisters! There are two! The fire department is finally taking delivery of new apparatus in December. Make offer on sisters for January 2015!

1989 Sutphen
Asking $ 22,000

PE-11053 Details

Sisters! There are two! The fire department is finally taking delivery of new apparatus in December. Make offer on sisters for January 2015!

1989 Sutphen
Asking $ 22,000

PE-11054 Details

Off Road Buggy with Stokes Basket. 5-point restraint system, 2 helmets. Top Rack for Extra Gear! So many uses!

2009 Joyner
Asking $ 8,500

AM-11051 Details

1250 gpm w/1000 poly tank and top mount controls.

1992 Spartan Central States
Asking $ 44,000

PE-11049 Details

1800 gallon tanker with 350 gpm pump MAKE OFFER!

1993 International 4 Guys
Asking $ 25,000

TK-11045 Details

The fire department wants this to go when their new apparatus comes in early 2015. REDUCED to $35,000 and open to an inspection and offers any time!

1992 Pierce
Asking $ 35,000

PE-11043 Details

October 24, 2014

Rescue pumper with high sides on both sides. 750 poly tank. Get it in your station before winter! REDUCED!

1994 Pierce
Asking $ 32,000

PE-11041 Details

Stratosphere! HUGE price reduction!

1986 E-One
Asking $ 28,500

LP-11038 Details

REDUCED October 16! L-9000 with low miles. 1000 gal tank and loaded with equipment.

1986 Ford United Fire Apparatus
Asking $ 15,000

PE-11039 Details

Nice 95' aerial - ready to go! REDUCED!

1988 Grumman
Asking $ 32,900

LP-11040 Details

1996/ 2008 Rescue Engine! REFURB in 2008 including new tank, complete repaint, modified cabinets, pump rebuild. Well maintained, all manuals available! REDUCED and open to offers!

1996 Pierce
Asking $ 75,000

PE-11025 Details

Excellent top mount pumper - must see to appreciate! Open to offers.

1989 Pierce
Asking $ 35,000

PE-11026 Details

Priced for fast sale! 9'3" overall height, 28'9" overall length and 1000 gallon poly MUST SELL BEFORE WINTER

1994 HME M & W
Asking $ 50,000

PE-11029 Details

Click for more photos! Just in! This is similar to a unit sold recently, but not the same one!

2003 Peterbilt
Asking $ 99,500

TK-10987 Details

Readily available and loaded. Well worth a look before you think about ordering new. Newly REDUCED!

2003 Pierce
Asking $ 275,000

RS-10982 Details

October 24, 2014

75' ladder. 1500 gpm pump! PRICE CUT IN HALF October 24: MUST SELL!

1982 American LaFrance
Asking $ 7,500

LP-10966 Details

1984 Ford with 1000 tank - LAST CHANCE - CALL TODAY! 800-347-3832

1984 Ford Grumman
Asking $ 5,000

PE-10962 Details

1200 gallons of water. Sure could come in handy! Low miles. LAST CHANCE - CALL TODAY!! 800-37-3832

1982 Ford Atlas
Asking $ 4,000

TK-10963 Details

REDUCED! Must sell! Department has second tanker to sell, as well. Call for details! 800-347-3832

1996 International Vtec
Asking $ 15,500

TK-10948 Details

1500 gpm with 1000 water and foam with high sides on both sides - this pumper can do it all! REDUCED October 17!

2003 American LaFrance
Asking $ 134,000

PE-10924 Details

Top mount rescue pumper in excellent condition! Low miles, Poly tank. Nice.

1993 E-One
Asking $ 25,000

PE-10925 Details

Heavy Walk-In Rescue with foam capability. Front winch, generator. Under 15,000 miles! A nice buy: Asking $40,000

1994 Freightliner E-One
Asking $ 40,000

RS-10897 Details

1250 gpm, 1000 tank. High side compartments, deck gun, generator! Open to offers!

1992 Pierce
Asking $ 29,000

PE-10881 Details

REDUCED October 14: Must sell by Winter! 4x4 Saulsbury Walk-In Rescue with Bauer containment fill station and only 21,000 miles. Can you use this handy squad? Call Firetec with your offer!

1991 International Saulsbury
Asking $ 49,900

RS-10861 Details

October 24, 2014

Excellent 3000 Gallon Tanker - Pumper with CAFS. REDUCED!

2009 Spartan Rosenbauer
Asking $ 365,000

TK-10822 Details

2000 E-One
Asking $ 49,000

PE-10784 Details 1-800-347-3832 About us