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Need to buy a used fire truck? The Hot Sheet shows the very latest in used fire trucks for sale. For entire inventory of fire trucks, rescue vehicles, ambulances, aerials and tankers, click on FIRETEC logo, left. To get the Hot Sheet weekly in your inbox, click on 'subscribe.'
April 24, 2014Subscribe!

Don't let anyone tell you the used market is saturated - Firetec always has buyers for good used apparatus! We're selling them like hotcakes!

Call Firetec for a FREE, No Obligation Appraisal. Tell us about your fire truck: 800-347-3832

Deadline for next Hot Sheet: Monday, April 21st.

REDUCED just this morning, and Firetec's FB Friends are the first to know! 1995 E-One with 2000 gpm. Deck gun, 1000' 5" LDH, hard suction. Owned by a VFD and ready to work for yours! NOW ASKING $35,000. A great buy. 800-FIRETEC (347-3832) - Apr 23 2014 11:19pm Comments

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Former CA Division of Forestry Unit

1975 International
Asking $ 10,000

MP-10888 Details

1991 Ford General
Asking $ 15,000

PE-10882 Details

Chassis - can be built to suit or take it as is.

2001 Ford
Asking $ 22,000

MS-10883 Details


2008 Ford
Asking $ 10,500

MS-10885 Details

This Seagrave has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition!

1991 Seagrave
Asking $ 35,000

PE-10886 Details

INCLUDES HURST At $12,000. May buy Seagrave or HURST separately. Call Firetec: 800-347-3832

1987 Seagrave
Asking $ 12,000

PE-10887 Details

April 24, 2014

Pierce Triple Combination Pumping Engine! 1250 gpm, 1000 tank. High side compartments, deck gun, generator!

1992 Pierce
Asking $ 38,000

PE-10881 Details

Ambulance converted to a rescue - how can it work for you?

1992 Ford Cayel Craft
Asking $ 5,000

RS-10878 Details

High sides, 1000 gallon tank, and lots of goodies included in the sale! Open to offers!

1985 Ford
Asking $ 15,500

PE-10879 Details

Built in 1986 on used chassis. 3000 Gallon Tanker with 1000 gpm pump. That water tender with pump you've been needing! Act fast!

1978 Ford S&S
Asking $ 16,500

TK-10875 Details

Great little rescue unit with 12' box and walk-through.

1991 Chevrolet Frontline
Asking $ 35,000

RS-10877 Details

75' QUINT! generator, hard suction, ladders and more!

1997 Pierce
Asking $ 55,000

LP-10869 Details

Medical compartment inside the cab. 1250 gpm and 500 tank. Generator, hydraulic ladder rack. 200 hours since engine rebuild.

1989 Pemfab American Eagle
Asking $ 35,000

PE-10870 Details

Available later in 2014 - have budget money freeing up in the fall? This could be the truck for you! RESERVE IT for your fire department and take delivery when the department releases it!

2000 International 4900 Pierce
Asking $ 98,500

PE-10867 Details

4x4 Saulsbury Walk-In Rescue with Bauer containment fill station and only 21,000 miles. Can you use this handy squad? Call Firetec with your offer!

1991 International Saulsbury
Asking $ 59,900

RS-10861 Details

April 24, 2014

Very nice pumping engine with foam, inverter, automatic chains. Pump tested 2014 and ready to go!

2001 E-One
Asking $ 75,000

PE-10859 Details

Walk-in Rescue. REDUCED April 17: Now asking $12,500. Seats 4 in box.Chief says "SELL!"

1986 Ford Swab
Asking $ 12,500

RS-10842 Details

REDUCED! Now asking $17,000. Chief says it has to go as their new apparatus has arrived! 1000 gal Poly tank, deck gun, 6" suction.

1990 Ford
Asking $ 17,000

PE-10831 Details

Excellent 95' Platform! NICE. This quint is too large for the response area in its current fire department. Readily available to fight fires in your community!

2005 E-One
Asking $ 540,000

LP-10827 Details

REDUCED April 15: Now asking $110,000 or best offer. GREAT SPECS: Crew cab, 1000 gal Poly tank, low miles not too tall, not too long. Fantastic!

2002 GMC Ferrara
Asking $ 110,000

PE-10825 Details

Buy this used fire truck from the original owner! The fire department had annual pump tests done on this pumping engine. Large tank! Cat diesel, automatic transmission.

1983 Ford General Safety
Asking $ 9,800

PE-10821 Details

This excellent tanker-pumper is too large for the department which owns it, but might be perfect for your community! W O W !

2009 Spartan Rosenbauer
Asking $ 400,000

TK-10822 Details

Type 4 Wildland Unit: 4WD with 500 gallon tank! What's your offer?

1991 Ford F-800 4x4
Asking $ 25,000

MP-10777 Details

Crimson RESCUE-PUMPER! Now Asking $225,000. Call Firetec to arrange an inspection! 800-FIRETEC (347-3832)

2008 Spartan Crimson
Asking $ 225,000

PE-10780 Details

April 24, 2014

95' PLATFORM! Current certifications, LED lights. REDUCED! Now asking $239,000

1998 E-One
Asking $ 239,000

LP-10774 Details

Clean little tanker!

1991 Ford Monroe
Asking $ 14,900

TK-10732 Details

Walk-In Heavy Rescue. REDUCED! Now asking $95,000

2002 E-One/ Saulsbury
Asking $ 95,000

RS-10716 Details

Tanker pumper! Great for a rural department, low miles, and foam! Ford L-9000 chassis! REDUCED! Now asking $19,900

1982 Ford
Asking $ 19,900

TK-10698 Details

Type 3 ambulance in excellent condition. 2001 Model with low miles. REDUCED April 21: Now asking $27,500

2001 Ford
Asking $ 27,500

AM-10700 Details

Type III ambulance

1994 International Medtec
Asking $ 12,000

AM-10690 Details

100' Platform! Sale of this used quint fire apparatus includes deck gun, generator, more! REDUCED! Now asking $75,000

1994 Simon Duplex LTI
Asking $ 75,000

LP-10692 Details

Pumping engine with 2000 gpm Hale! REDUCED April 23: Now asking $35,000.

1995 E-One
Asking $ 35,000

PE-10657 Details

A 54' SQURT! 2000 gpm and 500 gallon Poly tank. REDUCED! Now asking $33,000. The department doesn't need it. Open to offers.

1993 Pierce
Asking $ 33,000

LP-10660 Details

April 24, 2014

Large, 1000 gallon tank, deck gun, low miles. Nice truck now asking $10,000!

1985 Ford FMC
Asking $ 10,000

PE-10644 Details

REDUCED April 21: Now Asking $49,900 Type 4 on Ford 4x4 F-800 chassis. 800 gallon tank, foam, only 40,000 miles! Wildland pump, foam!

1998 Ford Knapheide
Asking $ 49,900

MP-10583 Details

Fire Truck Collectors. Buffs, Birthday Party People - Here is a classic Alf - the Centruy model! Good tires, air brakes, automatic transmission.

1973 American LaFrance
Asking $ 6,500

BG-10579 Details 1-800-347-3832 About us