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October 9, 2015Subscribe!

Remember: Firetec owns no apparatus, so our only job is to sell yours. Call us for a FREE APPRAISAL. 800-347-3832

BUYERS WAITING: Scroll down to see what our buyers need!

Up next: 1997 Chevy 4x4 Walk Around Rescue Asking $19,000 or best offer. Contact The Fire Truck Ladies for more info on #11393 800-347-3832 - Oct 09 2015 12:35pm Comments

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Chevy 4x4 with low miles.

1997 Chevrolet Warner
Asking $ 19,000
RS-11393 Details

1998 E-One Pumping Engine with current pump test.

1998 Freightliner E-One
Asking $ 64,350
PE-11392 Details

Mean looking rural pumper with big power.

1986 Ford
Asking $ 23,500
PE-11391 Details

Runs well and has no rust or body damage. The interior is in very good condition. Pump runs fantastic!

1993 Ford KME
Asking $ 28,000
MP-11390 Details

F-550 with crew cab. 500 gpm, winch, low miles. 7.3 Ford diesel.

2000 Ford 4 Guys
Asking $ 79,500
MP-11389 Details

135' aerial! Certified in March 2015.

1990 E-One
Asking $ 12,500
LP-11386 Details

October 9, 2015

1999 Ford F-350 Brush Truck. Pump & Roll!

1999 Ford
Asking $ 20,000
MP-11383 Details

105' Ladder! This used aerial has 2000 gpm pump and large 500 gallon Poly tank!

2000 Pierce
Asking $ 350,000
LP-11384 Details

Make offer on this 1990 Pierce! Call The Fire Truck Ladies: 800-347-3832

1990 Pierce
Asking $ 15,000
PE-11385 Details

Nice specs!

1991 Grumman
Asking $ 35,000
PE-11381 Details

1991/1999 International Tanker 3000 gallon poly tank w/aluminum cover 750 gpm Darley pump 3000 gal porta-tank w/rack

1991 International Spencer
Asking $ 48,000
TK-11372 Details

TANKER-PUMPER! 2000 Gallon Tank! Pumps 1500 gpm (pump test Sept 2015). 500 horsepower engine. REDUCED October 7

1992 Seagrave
Asking $ 64,789
TK-11374 Details

Front mount pumper w/1250 poly tank. REDUCED October 9

1993 Ford Alexis
Asking $ 25,000
PE-11371 Details

Winch, roll-out trays, scene lights!

1994 International KME
Asking $ 24,900
RS-11363 Details

Well-maintained heavy rescue loaded with upgrades! Amkus system, Cascade, 40kw generator and much, much more!

2001 E-One
Asking $ 125,000
RS-11364 Details

October 9, 2015

CAFS/ SKID Unit Asking $9,500!

Odin Derringer 130/60
Asking $ 9,500
MS-11354 Details

Walk-In Rescue Body: Enter from front or rear! Very low miles. REDUCED Oct 9

1991 E-One
Asking $ 49,365
RS-11331 Details

Walk in rescue, bench seating for 7 in box. This Marion Rescue truck fits in your 10' station door!

1994 Ford Marion
Asking $ 30,000
RS-11325 Details

Seats 9!

1989 Pierce
Asking $ 49,500
RS-11293 Details

1500 gpm Hale 750 tank Seats 7

1992 E-One
Asking $ 29,000
PE-11314 Details

Pumper-Tanker with 1750 gpm & 1500 water! Hose included!

1991 Sutphen
Asking $ 65,000
TK-11298 Details

REDUCED SEPT 25 & Negotiable! Walk-In Rescue with heat & a/c in box. Generator, front winch. New unit is coming soon so this must go!

1991 Ford 4 Guys
Asking $ 37,500
RS-11296 Details

Rescue Pumper with high sides both sides, foam, large 1000 gallon Poly tank. Topmount pump. Current pump test.

1994 Spartan
Asking $ 39,900
PE-11294 Details

Spartan Engine! 1000 gal tank, 1500 gpm REDUCED! Click for more photos!

1991 Spartan
Asking $ 30,000
PE-11250 Details

October 9, 2015

1988/1998 E-One 95' Platform Quint. Aerial upgrades done by E-One in 1998. REDUCED!

1988 E-One
Asking $ 75,000
LP-11243 Details

Great Rescue Pumper for sale! 1500 Waterous, 750 Poly tank, foam and 7500w generator.

2000 KME
Asking $ 79,900
PE-11235 Details

1600 gallon baffled tank. PTO pump. Excellent tanker with low miles. Call the Fire Truck Ladies with your offer! 800-347-3832

1986 International
Asking $ 16,000
TK-11230 Details

Water tender with 1200 gallon baffled tank.

1989 International
Asking $ 13,000
TK-11231 Details

Super short at 8'6" in height!

1993 Pierce
Asking $ 30,000
PE-11205 Details

Quick Attack!

1989 Chevrolet
Asking $ 6,000
BG-11179 Details

Nice 2008 Spartan 1250 gpm with 500 gal Poly tank! 60' rearmount ladder! It's a fantastic buy as an engine-- add the 60' ladder and it's a really sweet deal for under $200k

2008 Spartan Rosenbauer/ Central States
Asking $ 166,500
LP-11139 Details

LARGE Tank on this one: 1250 gallons. Also offers 1500 gpm. Overall height: 9'5", Overall length: 28'7" MUST SELL MAKE OFFER LOW MILES. REDUCED Sept 8

1999 GMC Central States
Asking $ 65,000
PE-11047 Details

Apparatus Wanted

Used Ambulances Wanted:

Used Ambulance Wanted: Budget: 10,000 F-series, prefer white. For film, not for use in emergency services. (WL-61373)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Ambulance to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Aerials Wanted:

Used Aerial Wanted: 1997 or newer, tank size:250+ Gallons, pump size: 1500+ GPM, Aerial Length: 75-100, Budget: 135,000 Needs in 2015: Prefer single axle 75 . Open to 75-100 tandem. Open to ladder or platform. (WL-51523)

Used Aerial Wanted: 1994 or newer, pump size: 1250+ GPM, Budget: 200,000 Prefers tower. Must have certified pump and aerial. Would like in 2015 if possible!! (WL-61366)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Aerial to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Pumping Engines Wanted:

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 2005 or newer, tank size:1000+ Gallons Late model only - 2005++ . Min seating (4) (WL-50458)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: tank size:1000+ Gallons, pump size: 1250+ GPM, Budget: 140,000 topmount a plus. (WL-45456)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: tank size:750+ Gallons Commercial chassis, 750 min tank, prefer 1000 gal (WL-61370)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: pump size: 1250+ GPM, Budget: 30000 Commercial cab pumper, 1000 - 1250 gpm, diesel, auto. Budget of less than $30,000. Prefer Southeast US. (WL-45644)

Used Pumping Engine Wanted: 2000 or newer, tank size:1000+ Gallons, pump size: 1250+ GPM, Budget: 100000 Commercial chassis - prefer 2-door. Doesn t need to be fancy, just a nice basic pumper. (WL-31933)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Pumping Engine to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Rescues Wanted:

Used Rescue Wanted: 2004 or newer, Budget: 150,000 Walk around 2 or 4-door cmmercial with lots of storage. Would like hose reel for hydraulic tools. Red. (WL-61378)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Rescue to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Used Tankers Wanted:

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:1700+ Gallons, pump size: 750+ GPM, Budget: 75,000 Low mileage. 1700-2000 gal tank. Must be red. (WL-48003)

Used Tanker Wanted: 2005 or newer, tank size:2500+ Gallons, pump size: 1250+ GPM, Budget: 160,000 TANDEM Tanker-Pumper wanted! 4-5 man enclosed cab. 9 5 height restriction. (WL-50788)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:2000+ Gallons, pump size: 500+ GPM, Budget: 90,000 Manual or auto transmission fine. Needs to be able to pump. rear dump. would like some storage for hose lines. Open to all types / styles. Height limit 11 (WL-26049)

Used Tanker Wanted: 1995 or newer, tank size:2500+ Gallons Looking for a 2500 to 3500 gallon tanker. 1995 or newer (WL-26927)

Used Tanker Wanted: tank size:3000+ Gallons, pump size: 750+ GPM, Budget: 85000 Must be auto transmission (WL-47465)

Touch/Click here if you have a Used Tanker to sell:


(or if you know of one!)

Looking for a used fire truck? Tell us what your need is:


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