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September 19, 2014Subscribe!

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Monday, September 22

(Buyers: refresh this page any time for the latest in best apparatus deals)

Remember: Firetec owns no apparatus, so our only job is to sell yours. Fair deals for everyone. Direct, department-to-department sales. Everyone knows you can count on The Fire Truck Ladies!

This 1999 HME/ Ferrara was recently shipped from Vermont to Oklahoma. Congratulations to Chief Tracy Mcalister and the Glencoe VFD! Many thanks, also, to Chief Chad Whitcomb and Deputy Chief Mariah Whitcomb of Thetford VFD, for counting on us to sell this great piece. It's been wonderful working with you! - Sep 18 2014 10:05am Comments

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1986 E-One
Asking $ 50,000

LP-11038 Details

1986 Ford United Fire Apparatus
Asking $ 20,000

PE-11039 Details

1996/ 2008 Rescue Engine! REFURB in 2008 including new tank, complete repaint, modified cabinets, pump rebuild. Well maintained, all manuals available!

1996 Pierce
Asking $ 79,000

PE-11025 Details

Rapid Intervention ARFF! 4x4 with nice storage! Immaculate inside, outside and underneath!

1993 GMC E-One
Asking $ 21,995

MS-11036 Details

1984 Ford Grumman
Asking $ 8,000

PE-11037 Details

Well maintained rescue pumper - high sides and seating for up to 8!

2002 Pierce
Asking $ 200,000

PE-11031 Details

September 19, 2014

4x4 walk-around rescue w/2000w light tower

1999 Ford First Response Inc
Asking $ 38,000

RS-11032 Details

65' QUINT! This HME features a 1500 gpm pump, remote aerial controller and current aerial and pump tests. VERY low miles. Fire Department owned - arrange an inspection today!

1997 HME Ferrara
Asking $ 96,700

LP-11033 Details

Low miles on this mini pumper and no rust!

1997 Ford McGinley
Asking $ 24,950

MP-11035 Details

SHORT overall length! 25' Make an offer!

1988 Pierce
Asking $ 20,000

PE-11002 Details

Carries 1000 gallons of water and comes with 1050' of 3" hose

1990 International Grumman
Asking $ 35,000

PE-11030 Details

1250 gpm with 1000 gallon poly tank

1991 International Grumman
Asking $ 45,000

PE-11028 Details

Priced for fast sale! 9'3" overall height, 28'9" overall length and 1000 gallon poly tank - what more could you ask for?

1994 HME M & W
Asking $ 60,000

PE-11029 Details

Rescue with PTO pump, foam tank, generator, winch.

1997 Freightliner SVI
Asking $ 69,000

RS-11027 Details

Type 6 4x4 Wildland! REDUCED!

2003 Ford
Asking $ 40,000

MP-11023 Details

September 19, 2014

100' Platform for sale! Or, if you have a problem aerial and need to lease for a while, this is available!

2001 Spartan
Asking $ 195,000

LP-11013 Details

118' Articulating Platform! Priced to move. The department does not need it and it can serve another department well. A great buy!

2002 E-One Cyclone II
Asking $ 200,000

LP-11009 Details

Go right into DEEP WATER with this 5 TON 6x6. 16 rescuee capacity. Submersible to depth of 8 feet of water! Rescue raft included in sale!

1989 American General
Asking $ 40,000

RS-11012 Details

Versatile - top mount w/750 gal of water. REDUCED and negotiable!

1991 International E-One
Asking $ 27,500

PE-10990 Details

Readily available and loaded. Well worth a look before you think about ordering new.

2003 Pierce
Asking $ 285,000

RS-10982 Details

2001 Pumping Engine with 1000 gal Poly tank, Akron foam, and low miles!

2001 HME Ferrara
Asking $ 90,000

PE-10969 Details

1984 Ford with 1000 tank REDUCED!

1984 Ford Grumman
Asking $ 6,500

PE-10962 Details

1200 gallons of water. Sure could come in handy! Low miles. REDUCED!

1982 Ford Atlas
Asking $ 5,900

TK-10963 Details

MUST SELL! Now $3,900

1982 Ford Amthor
Asking $ 3,900

BG-10951 Details

September 19, 2014

110' 4-section ladder. Very low miles on this unit. Recent repairs include a refurbished torque box. Ready to go!

1985 E-One
Asking $ 29,000

LT-10939 Details

It's late model and it's ready to go! Great buy on a rescue engine, asking $189,000 - what's your offer?

2008 Spartan Crimson
Asking $ 189,000

PE-10942 Details

1250 gpm & 2000 gallon tank!

1988 Pierce
Asking $ 65,000

TK-10923 Details

REDUCED! Now asking $45,000. Chief needs the space and this sure is a nice buy!!

1997 Freightliner American Fire & Rescue
Asking $ 45,000

RS-10916 Details

Excellent Rural Pumping engine with current pump test! Top-mount pump controls, large 1000 gallon Poly tank.

1997 International
Asking $ 65,000

PE-10896 Details

pssst: We know they'd take less. What's your offer?

1996 Spartan Luverne
Asking $ 60,000

PE-10891 Details


1987 Seagrave
Asking $ 9,500

PE-10887 Details

REDUCED by $7,000 on September 15. Put this great little Ford with 1000 gal Poly tank to work in your community!

1990 Ford
Asking $ 10,000

PE-10831 Details

Excellent 3000 Gallon Tanker-Pumper. PRICE REDUCED! Inquire: 800-347-3832

2009 Spartan Rosenbauer
Asking $ 385,000

TK-10822 Details

September 19, 2014

WILLING TO SELL JUST THE SKID FOR $7,500 Or, whole truck and all: $45,000

2008 Ford
Asking $ 45,000

MP-10817 Details

4x4 Type 6 Wildland REDUCED!

1999 Ford
Asking $ 22,500

MP-10804 Details

REDUCED! 1120 gallons of water on 4x4 chassis. This 2009 unit qualifies as Type 4 Wildland and as Type 3 Support Water Tender!

2009 Freightliner
Asking $ 104,000

TK-10803 Details

Seagrave with enclosed cab, foam, hard suction! REDUCED!

1987 Seagrave
Asking $ 12,500

PE-10726 Details

REDUCED September 9: Type 4 on Ford 4x4 F-800 chassis. 800 gallon tank, foam, only 40,000 miles! Wildland pump, foam!

1998 Ford Knapheide
Asking $ 42,900

MP-10583 Details 1-800-347-3832 About us