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Popular Questions

Why choose Firetec® brokerage service over a used fire truck dealer?

Great question. We get that one a lot. Firetec® works to find the right truck for each buyer, and fairly represents all sellers. We will never push a unit we own instead of selling yours - because we don't own any.

Why should I sell through Firetec® instead of going to auction?

Because you’re going to get a better price for your apparatus. Typically, auctions generate a selling price that’s well below fair market value for fire and emergency apparatus. In fact, dealers often use auctions to buy trucks for a bargain, and then make a nice upside when they sell it again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’d rather you enjoy that upside.

When you sell through Firetec®, you’re going to earn a good retail price because you’ll be selling to another department that knows how to value the apparatus they’re buying.

What does it cost to list with Firetec®?

It doesn’t cost you a dollar for advertising. We provide the nation’s largest marketing program for your truck – web site listings, mobile APP, a nationwide catalog, advertising, trade show visibility, e-blasts, etc. – all without any investment from you. When your apparatus is sold, we earn a commission on the sale price, paid by the seller and incorporated into the asking price. But remember, we’ll generate fair market value for your used fire truck so you end up with more.

Why wouldn’t I sign up with a discount Secondary Broker

Because Secondary Brokers do not end up being a discount for you, and they can’t offer you the type of personal service and nationwide marketing that Firetec® can. The key is generating a good market price for your used fire truck, and we do that by reaching thousands of prospects and providing free market estimates, based on 30 years of experience in used fire truck sales.

Please give us a call. We’d like to discuss what Firetec® can do for you.

Is there an advertising fee?

No. We make the upfront investment in national advertising with extensive direct marketing through our catalog, e-blasts, Mobile APP, and 24/7 online listings that are kept fresh every day. Check out www.usedfiretrucks.com. You’ll see the used fire trucks, used rescues, used wildland trucks, and used ambulances that just went up today. Price reductions are posted daily, too!

Do I have to sign an exclusive agreement?

Never. Firetec® sells more trucks every year than anyone else – and we’ve been doing this since 1983. We’re very confident that we can sell your high-quality used fire truck. That’s why you pay nothing until your truck is sold.

Other brokers and dealers look like they have lots of listings too?

Many do appear that way but be wary - how up to date are their listings? Do they mix in units that are not available? Is their site updated every 30 minutes? Also, some sites just post any used fire truck they find online, hoping to make a deal and get “a piece of the action.” All of Firetec®’s listings are up to date and ours. If you call us about a used fire truck we are advertising, you can trust that we have the fire department's written permission to sell it for them. There will be no mystery, and no games when a used fire truck goes through Firetec.

If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 800.FIRETEC (347.3832). We’d always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Contact us today to list your apparatus!

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Firetec provides marketing services. It does not own, purchase or sell listed trucks or equipment. All information is provided by sellers, who are independent third parties solely responsible for the content. Firetec does not independently verify information provided by sellers, makes no claims or warranties as to its accuracy and all information is subject to review and verification by potential buyers. All apparatus sold as-is, where-is. Buyer responsible for transportation.